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Moner Janla

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Moner Janla is an innovative, safe space for learning that involves a cycle of perspective and skill building to instigate passion among youth and adolescents. Moner Janla drives the youth and adolescents towards a process of social action crafting their journey from self to society.

Creative and fun activities to trigger discussions on self, rights and social issues for understanding and engaging in social change processes are the key components in the programme.



Alamgir chose to be a secret change-maker

15 years old Alamgir who just like any other boy with coming of age was once rowdy, used to rag friends and tease girls around reluctantly. He started attending the ‘Moner Janla’ sessions since 2016. Often on gender session Alamgir used to giggle and state “it’s fun to tease girls, even they want to get teased.” With repeated sessions with him on gender, human rights and equity he started believing in positivity became self-reflective towards his actions and there was a change in his behavior towards girls and his friends.

On evening get together with friends cigarettes and ghutkas were a regular need. Alamgir who once was a party to it later started to refrain from buying those stuffs and also motivated friends to not get those. When friends used to give him money to buy cigarettes he would get food from that money instead and make them understand to eat food instead of smoking up. His parents even shared that “we never thought Moner Janla can bring this much of a change for Alam.” Alamgir has been telling his friends “we should rather make this society a safe space for girls to move freely rather teasing them”. He has developed a better understanding with his family and friends and secretly has been shunning the masculine construct around him with every little action he takes.